Scratching Off a $500 Winner Instant Scratch Off Lottery Ticket

It took me awhile to figure out how it worked.


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  1. battleaxe6108 says:

    u had a 52 on the card 😛

  2. kaw6789 says:

    What a moron, you won game 3 which is $100….you know already you multiply all winnings X5 so you won $500..so where did you get $15?

  3. soocermaster9 says:

    Why did i search this

  4. edgarc92 says:

    wow congrats! lol i thot u only won $15
    u didnt realize until u shut off the camera?
    ii wanted to see ur reaction

  5. Burnoutmaster1 says:

    That’s a rip-off of a New Brunswick lottery ticket of the exact same name.

  6. 1time2shine says:

    scratching ur life away hahahaha

  7. kinglopez11 says:

    he tought it was 15 dollars

  8. chiodos777 says:

    you missed 52, 38 and 41..

  9. lieFrederi says:

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  10. ndaVince1 says:

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  13. TheBarcelona9 says:

    dam your blind

  14. Trainmaster1212 says:

    How do you figure that? He won game #3, so he won the $100. Multiplied by 5, it is $500…

  15. malekrhaddad says:

    you won 9 dollars, not 500. You missed number 49….and yes i went through it.

  16. blinky855 says:

    dude….as many of these things as you scratch off, how do you not understand how they work by now? lol theres several other of your videos of simple, normal scratchers that take you forever to figure out

  17. grcoon says:

    man i woulda given anything to see the part when you realized it was 5 bills…..sweet congrats spike….all the scratching paid off….good for you buddy

  18. adamlewis723 says:

    why do we like watching these? lol

  19. badmanjaro says:

    500 bucks man not 15 ^^

  20. gunslinger923 says:

    dude… game 3… 500$, its not how many games you win its which one!!!

  21. DeeandEd says:

    new jersey

  22. kubotaman2004 says:

    what state?

  23. Thor25x says:

    Awesome Spike !! Keep up the vids I love them ! :)

  24. DeeandEd says:

    me too

  25. DeeandEd says:

    i was stunned

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