Publishers Clearing House $5000 A Week For Life Winner

Watch the Prize Patrol surprise Doris Gray, a New Jersey school teacher with the big SuperPrize. This amazing award took place in the school cafeteria in front of all her students. See more classic Publishers Clearing House winning moments at pchtv.com
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  1. EquestrianWomen says:

    wow wish it happens to me for my new business! wow wouldnt that be the greatest thing next to my kids that ever would happen to me!congrat’s nice lady!

  2. 26mbaker says:

    fake fake fake i did not win

  3. EquestrianWomen says:

    wow the house and horse I could get and start my new business with out having to find investors for my invention! God bless every one and Good Luck! Wow I sure need some luck in my life for once, this check would be a blessing for all my new employees, our model for my invention could be made and we would be off to the races! Yeppy!

  4. EquestrianWomen says:

    Ive seen a young girl win! Im not possitive but it may have been in Vegas, but she was blond and young!

  5. kief4diamonds says:

    man that is 20k a month for 12 months. 240,000 dollars a year and doesnt have to lift a finger……id flip out.

  6. SuperTuffy86 says:

    I live in UT and I haven’t read any rules excluding Utahns from entering, even though we don’t gamble in this state or have a lotto… I think that’s kinda odd. I hope all my entries aren’t just a waste of time :(

  7. von1trice says:

    Ok some people are taking my comment a little personally. And frankly I seruiously don’t understand why. This is my opinion and the last time I checked I was intitled to it. And by the way it was just a joke. I know that there are young people who win this weird contest. I only stated that I’ve never seen a young one win yet. Each advertisment I’ve seen shows an elderly person winning . So it’s whatever.

  8. EquestrianWomen says:

    @von1trice Oh yes there was a very young girl that won dont remember where or what state she was in, but she was a cute young girl I think it was the $1 million even! But thats not fair that you say that,not true,so always do your research first, before speeking! People remember things like that said! Have a nice day

  9. OmgFredFunny says:

    Older people deserve to finally get something good out of life too. Don’t hate.

  10. enamoramema88 says:

    yooo wtf why is it only old people that win every prize? like thats not fair! us young people have many years of life to live and investments to be made with that money

  11. deon424702 says:

    @toddspch someone has been sending me a false email saying i won a million dollars from PCH.

  12. LisaN11111 says:

    @FHfan731 I heard that she remained teaching!! Either way she is well deserving & such a cute gal!

  13. LisaN11111 says:

    @toddspch Natalie is one of em’!!

  14. LisaN11111 says:

    @von1trice haha;-o yeah

  15. frdavid32 says:

    As a Daily PCH.COM Participant, I wish I would win this Memorable Prize of $1Million and $5,000.00 A Week for life.
    I would retire debt Free in my American Dream New House here in Santa Clara County of California. It is my Sincere Prayers that November 30, 2010 Date will not be Postponed.From Rev. David Seremba Sr.

  16. misslydell says:

    Congrats Doris!!

  17. toddspch says:

    just so you are aware of the facts — it doesn’t matter to PCH if the winner is young or old. We take out insurance so the prize is paid regardless of the age of the winner. To put it another way, we pay an insurance premium for the value of the prize — the insurance company would then pay the winner, so it doesn’t matter to us. In addition, young people also win, check out pchtv.com and you will see a wide variety of ages. Todd Sloane, SVP, Publishers Clearing House

  18. justinjp9987 says:

    yea definitely, it’s no coincidence that every person is CAREFULLY SCREENED TO BE OLD, I’m sure they’ve even done the research to make sure they die soon

  19. bulldri9 says:

    they claim that the super prize number 4 aug 31st 2010 wasn’t returned so some guy from vegas got $1m n a 2nd drawing. i think the person who won was young and they didn’t feel like paying them for the next 40 years

  20. von1trice says:

    Has anyone ever noticed that very single winner for the PCH has been very old? I’ve never seen a young person win… I wonder.

  21. ehcollection1 says:

    That lucky S.O.B., shit i wanted to win so bad.

  22. MrJamesHoang says:

    She’s a very lucky woman. She deserved it.

  23. Misskc23 says:

    the next one is on August 31 2011, and i Kaycee G will win it, not a fantasy but a reality

  24. bulldri9 says:

    when i win in a couple weeks im gonna get a finanicial advisor (BBB) and budget budget budget! save save save invest invest invest

  25. deon424702 says:

    @AmericasRollerCoast1 i would help my famliy and the homeless in my city =)

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