NBA 2K13 – My Career – NBA Draft

Here’s the NBA Draft in the new NBA 2K13 My Career mode. I got picked 20th by the Nuggets. David Stern looks hilarious! lmao
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  1. BSscooting says:

    I got picked 10th with 26 points 1 steal 1 block 4 assits and 1 foul and im a pg

  2. DJDisColour says:

    20th pick also :)

  3. zach84garvick says:

    I got 2nd pick pretty beast!!!

  4. WCBeatz says:

    Looks like Deron Williams

  5. zINK56z says:

    I got 10 th with the hornets and I had 27 pts and 4 assist also a block and a steal

  6. pabiram ravichandran says:

    Can u please upload ur player creation, ur player look sick.. Plssss

  7. RealCyrup says:

    I went to raptors

  8. SouljawalrusX says:

    i went to bulls

  9. woodywildfire22 says:

    I got 1st round 2nd pick bobcats but i traded to the bulls.

  10. MegaNacho999 says:

    I got picked 6th Portland, showcase really easy!!!

  11. SpecTacDenzel says:

    i went to the hornets haha

  12. gameking says:

    We ain’t out here tryin to score points. My team won the showcase and I had 9 assists. I’m coolin.

  13. carlos virgen says:

    5:32 wow…

  14. carlos virgen says:

    it was really easy to get in top ten

  15. SlimC13 says:

    I played the showcase once and went 7th, shit was easy

  16. iSchwaggit says:

    I got 18th by the Rockets. I know IM not gonna play much.

  17. Despicaple Devon says:

    4pts??? THATS IT??

  18. MrAndrewBoy1 says:

    How did you got chosen 20th? I rather want getting drafted #1 or to the Heat at #27 give me tips on how to get to the heat

  19. Trevor Hoffman says:

    i got selected 13th, david stern does look hilarious

  20. team624811904 says:

    What’s up gameking are u still going to do a defense on the 1-3-1

  21. swaumpman says:

    its hard to compete with the other rookies

  22. Nick Jackson says:

    how do you figure he sucks? what he has to get top 10 pick to make good videos? your an idiot if you think that, i got drafted 27th pick because i played like shit and i didn’t care to repeat me rookie showcase constantly till i did good. I’d rather play realistically.

  23. GimmeDatBlumpkin5 says:

    stay on the nuggets man, great team

  24. TeamxiLLeSt says:

    20th pick wow you fucking suck

  25. gameking says:

    U better watch out for him doe. Next Toni Kukoc.

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