NBA 2k12 My Player mode draft lottery pick

Draft and contract signing


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  1. jata634 says:

    no man its not like that i got 36pts 14ast 13stl but i got draftted to 6picks wizard 6’0 point guard all around play…….

  2. HaterFree IsMyLife says:

    if you score over 40-50 points Miami and Chicago will interview you just have don’t have alot of turnovers.

  3. Jamal Williams says:

    yo whats your ps3 name

  4. derek wilson says:

    To get picked lotto you have to get a triple double, have 6 combined steals and blocks, and be positive in all interviews.

  5. 2134able says:

    As a sg I scored like 39 points

  6. 2134able says:

    I got 8th by detroit

  7. nathanmanni2500 says:

    You can get lottery pick by saying no to every team

  8. g98305 says:

    I got a point gaurd whos 6’3 and athletic in the showcase i made sure to get steals blocks rebounds assists and poinits and got drafted 6th by the wizards how do get higher than thatt

  9. Eagles4life1375 says:

    I got 41 and picked 8th by Detroit

  10. Joe Puff says:

    i was 9 with 2.7 mil.. i scored 45 points in the showing

  11. AJSpence33 says:

    my 6’7″ SG went 6th overall but i scored 59 points 7 rebonds 4 assists 3 steals

  12. royalflipskater says:

    ya i got it i just dominated the game then kissed all the gms asses.. ended up with the suns this time around as a pg

  13. 557punisher says:

    i got more money than dat from the pacers but 1mill is a decent amount

  14. BrentzMoneySODMG says:

    it all depends on your style of play, and what a team’s looking for. That’s why it shows your your strengths and weaknesses before the draft.

  15. superQman600 says:

    i got 40 pts 6’10 SF all around and i got 2 rebounds and 2 assist still didnt get lottery pick :/

  16. davide575 says:

    I was a 6’11 SF 3pt specialist and i scored 32 pts, so the more points you can score the higher you get drafted

  17. McCHA05 says:

    Hey man how do u get to be a lottery pick in the draft

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