Lotto Wheeling System

www.bluskov.com Learn how to play the lotto the smart way, using proven lotto wheeling systems. An expert in the field of Combinatorics, Dr. Bluskov has devoted his life to studying lotteries to determine how to achieve a specific win-guarantee with a minimum number of tickets. In fact, he’s the only author who has actually created world record-breaking systems. The Ultimate Guide To Lottery Systems’ is available now through this special publisher’s offer. Don’t waste your time or money on any other system — this is the book for astute lottery players everywhere!
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  1. lottowheelingsystems says:

    Hi ThePresley1989… the book is NOT available in PDF, nor downloadable via the Internet. You can purchase the book here, with fast delivery to your postal address: Bluskov.com

  2. ODanboy says:

    I can see one person making a pretty penny out of this, even if no one wins!!

  3. Harry W Smith says:

    Not sold in USA

  4. John Uhrig says:

    I read this book and it provides some great insight into wheeling systems. Anyone who purchases lottery tickets especially Pick 6 lotteries… this is some great knowledge. Playing a system and within a syndicate offers better opprotunity and guarantees to hit your numbers. Good stuff!

  5. d4seasons says:

    lotto wheeling systems are good for lowering the odds. i’ve met & took gail howard’s class in 1986. i use one of her systems. i’ve won a few times. still it takes luck to win. i’m still dreaming.****

  6. PhallusFlaccidus says:

    I bought his and Gail Howards’ books. I find them very similar in content, I slightly preffer the wheeling systems of Dr. Bluskov because he uses numbers instead of letters, and the presentation appeals more to the serious investor, also the print is larger and this helps a lot. The charts for the winning possibilities and percentages are very proffessional and helpful.
    All said, I like the book by G.Howard winning wheels for Powerball. As I said, the books are very similar.

  7. TerrapinMarketing says:

    A friend of mine had this book and I gave it a read. If your serious about your lotto systems then this is a great choice. I have also read Gail Howards book, but I have to say that I like this book better.

  8. lottowheelingsystems says:

    Thank you for the kind words. I put a lot of work into making this guide easy to use and yet to still be effective. Best of luck to you!

  9. darkestglobe says:

    I have bought this book a few weeks ago and its a great book that explains wheeling systems in plain english. There are also easy to follow charts that you can plug your numbers into to create a lotto wheel. Thanks Dr. Bluskov!

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