Law of Attraction Lottery Story

Does the Law of Attraction really work? This story explains why it does… or doesn’t. For more daily, fun, inspirational tips, follow Nika on Twitter: www.twitter.com
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  2. Dante Matthew says:

    It explains that. Its okay though. Just be true toy you.

  3. IsHiNe98 says:

    No its ok. Searched it up and NOT INTERESTED. Your opinion is invalid to me. Keep thinking you were once an insect and will reborn as another human being. Problem with everything your saying is thi believe in spirits and GOD. I believe there is an after life and i also believe when you do reach the stage of the after life you have 2 choice, :1 Be reborn or 2: Stay and be a saint with or without a pose. I read a couple books on tnd hypnosis. That is my belief therefore to me U are the blind one.

  4. IsHiNe98 says:

    Negativity will get you nowhere my friend.

  5. Rim P says:

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  9. charmedcaster15 says:

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  10. MadMax74656 says:

    Man,she is really pretty,talks about really cool stuff that im practicing already and she looks good.

  11. LBrobie says:

    Okay, the “story” was retarded. I thought she was actually relating a real, actual, TRUE story. Instead, she’s just retelling a dumb joke. Waste of time!

  12. Gezu Hakeem says:

    I won

  13. MoneyTaurus says:

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  15. David510152020253035 says:

    Maybe they just want the fantacy and not the real thing.

  16. David510152020253035 says:

    Is she married?

  17. Garrett Lewis says:

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  18. S Don says:

    The 33 dislikes are sure NOT to win the lottery

  19. Tony Crnkovic says:

    i have similar story, just one day suddenly something hit me in the head and it was that i am going to win bingo and get amount of milions, and since then i started to believe and act like i already have it, even when i visualized that i won the bingo i got tingling all over the body and i was screaming in my self of joy winning a cash, when the day came i did not win anything but i did not stop believing cuz its just matter of time when i am going to win, in next Monday ill win 😉

  20. ursamagick says:

    Even Jesus said there would never be an end to these things, But manifesting does work and it doesn’t need to be about money. It’s just that money is a lot easier to get than world peace. It is tangible. The real secret is to be happy, knowing that you can instantly choose your own emotions. And the desire for happiness is what motivates people to seek riches. It should be obvious that money in itself doesn’t make anyone happy. Lottery winners often end up right back where they started, Peace

  21. MrLivePositive8 says:

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