how to win $100.00 on a scratch off lottery ticket,,,


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  1. somrat vai says:

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  2. HorJoeEntertainment says:

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  3. cbichsel23 says:


  4. King Bones says:

    smomkin a cigarrete and lottery crack addicts

  5. PLAYpausePLAY -Kat says:

    Ignorant -_-

  6. Brandon Walker says:

    Preety sure ide say it to you’re face and this guy is just dumb

  7. DaniUncensored says:

    oh, the ignorance. is that supposed to get me all hyped up? nice try.

  8. Fook Nlggers says:

    white power, nigger!

  9. DaniUncensored says:

    i was spelling it like he was saying it you simpled minded racist coward. you wouldnt say that shit to my face. youre behind a computer screen. pathetic.

  10. Fook Nlggers says:

    Niggers… simple minded morons. learn to spell you fucking monkey!!

  11. DaniUncensored says:


  12. aJerseyThing says:

    Good thing I don’t smoke so when I win these thing’s I’m not just throwing away the money.

  13. Skleno Sparter says:

    The way he says the F word sounds funny

  14. CKayy101 says:

    “oh only 10 dolla”.. mother fucker be gratful you won anything!!!!!

  15. SocietyIsBad says:

    You gotta play to win LOL

  16. spilled bubbles says:

    Chinese people sound funny cussing!

  17. LeoxPoor says:


  18. macdaddy1600 says:

    haha lol

  19. doubleZeros73 says:

    why is the room dark

  20. harmonyranay07 says:


  21. jmitcg2996 says:

    is he saying fuck nut lol!

  22. sandman9122345 says:

    Didn’t care for the words he was using, does he kiss his mom with that mouth?

  23. tinacapri74 says:

    Its hilarious!

  24. THUNK760 says:

    i fuckin love this videohahahahahahahahahahh

  25. cinderiscool says:

    Asians cuss alot…..

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