Cynthia Stafford: Never Listen to No

Cynthia Stafford’s story, from caring for her brother’s five children to winning 2 million in the California Lottery to her own movie production company to a charitable giver and patron of the arts.
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  1. MarTer ValSer says:

    I am follower of law of attraction and this story is amazing. I visualize every day that I’m millionaire and I feel it like if it was real. Cinthia’s story gives me hope to reach my dream. Thanks a lot foe share this

  2. Jamgirl2341 says:

    wow really? how much did you win? congrats!! im visualizing everyday also. because i already see myself with the 30 milllion dollar check :)

  3. Katharina Eisenstedt says:

    fantastic story, Fazit: your thoughts can materialize :)

  4. therightstuff90731 says:

    Thank you so much for sharing how you won. Congratulations that you won and you are awesome!!!

  5. IsHiNe98 says:

    Won millions doing what my friend? Thanks for sharing and GOD Bless!!

  6. IsHiNe98 says:

    Good luck and don’t give up.

  7. lco2102 says:

    I absolutely LOVE this woman’s story. God bless her story! I hope she continues to do good. As an African-American, I pray she will use this money to invest in schools that foster education for African-American youth. Because education is where opportunities start and end for African-Americans. Those who stay the course have a plethora of opportunities, but unfortunately too many of our brethren are dropping out. We need to stay the course! Thank you Cynthia.

  8. MS72MILLION says:

    I am excited to finally meet the person who inspired me to find myself..

  9. lO RR says:

    0 DOLLARS.


  10. dextermayor says:

    Thank you Cynthia you bring hope to my life….Amen! god bless!

  11. MS72MILLION says:

    I am winning the mega millions this month
    72 million so for those who don’t believe In the law of attraction should believe I will upload my video soon..

  12. MS72MILLION says:

    She only decided the amount she wanted to win which was $112 and when the lotto got to $112 she played it..

  13. dongman2011 says:

    how much did you spend every week for lottery?

  14. traveler723 says:

    Fantastic story, love the visualization/manifestation of dreams part. 

  15. Aefortuna1 says:

    Mrs Stafford , thank you very much for the advise , God bless u.

  16. MS72MILLION says:

    Hi everyone just wanted to say that it isn’t unusual to hold an intention religiously for a week or longer and see no apparent results. Then suddenly the floodgates open, and the manifestation comes pouring through.
    So with that being said stay positive and see life with the glass half full and you get far.

  17. nosecrets2003 says:

    I know this is true because about 6 months ago i started watching all the lottery shows, staying focused, reading Joseph Murphy’s books, The Secret and more recently The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace wattles and I would visualize, believe,and go on with my day.

    Now it has all paid off for me and my family.We knew it was going to happen and just held to that no matter what was going on around us. We have just won millions. We are so grateful to the Universal God for our blessings.

  18. Berengere French says:

    I love people who believe in miracles and manifesting. Cynthia Stafford is a true Champion of Faith. 

  19. Malupita247 says:

    I love this story! How WONDERFUL LIFE!!!!

  20. S Don says:

    Powerful video!

  21. icecreambaby03 says:

    anybody who thinks manifesting and the law of attraction isnt true clearly didn’t work for them. look at where will smith is now and he used this

  22. roflmows says:

    not to be a bastard, but….Manifest Destiny was the belief that humans were destined to populate west across North America =/

  23. roflmows says:

    here’s a little tip: don’t believe in this “i had a feeling” crap.

    EVERYONE “has a feeling” about EVERYTHING…all the time. but there are NO news reports about people who “get a feeling” and LOSE. and those stories number in the billions.

  24. LITTLExMAGGOT says:

    People like Cynthia always get rewarded!-3 and after everything that had happend to her she deserved to win it more than anything

  25. katiagification says:

    ahhh abraham hicks! :)

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