Bashar – Winning The Lottery

Bashar discusses how to win the lottery. Excerpted from the DVD “Bashar’s Lab” Channeled by Darryl Anka. Please visit Bashar.org to purchase this DVD.


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  1. flyingdogcoco says:

    Bashar, who helps human to remember how powerful we are. Empowering and most practical suggestions ;-p watch more of his videos, you’ll find him……amusing, helpful, loving, and very addictive!

  2. dimple4u says:

    who is he???

  3. fluffywoods says:

    That was really good to watch…It felt like a breath of fresh air when it comes to thinking about winning and losing the lottery.

  4. noslord says:

    @Germanboy567 The soul has no age. We have always been. No beginning and no end.

  5. kingofmilwaukee says:

    So 84,000 people have watched this video. How many of you won the big lottery since?

  6. taleeni says:

    I really got Bashar’s message about us not really being that excited about winning the lottery. I can only remember once being passionate about playing the lottery out of all the numerous times I’ve played. Truthfully, I played but have never expected to win and so have never won any truly big amount of money. Thanks Bashar.

  7. therubiks18 says:

    @Germanboy567 how do you know how old his soul is?

  8. JamesonSmirnoff says:

    Intuition improves the odds when buying scratch tickets but lotterys the odds are too hgih.

  9. JamesonSmirnoff says:


    Peoples’ souls couldn’t be 14 billion years old because we have evidence of a universe before ours began due to variations in the Cosmic Microwave Background which is very even due to the nature of the Big Bang yet has variations in it due to Black Holes from a collapsing universe before ours.

  10. dhanakmusic says:

    What a load of bollocks!

  11. MyDollarYourDream says:

    Exactly!!! I have a website where I’m trying to manifest the NY State Lottery Jackpot games. Recently the first powerball won in NY State was won at the SAME STORE I buy my tickets at!!! Less than 1 mile from my house!!! It’s working… Please come and help me… It’s free and I share the Jackpot with the people who leave a comment on a ticket . No surveys, nothing to buy, just leave a comment and you’re in. If one of us wins, we all win!

  12. GIAHQ says:

    @Germanboy567 Infinite years old * 14 billion years is a crumb (also there is only now) we’re all the same one oversoul traced all the way back to source creation Unconditional love infinite everything not just intelligence – Believe in Unbelievability

  13. hermit424 says:

    I don’t completely disagree with this guy. It’s not a bad way to go about playing the game or going about life in general. I do believe having doubt in your mind can affect things that happen in your life. But whether he truly is getting this info from space (or whatever it is) or not, he could’ve given this advice without mentioning it. If anything he probably would’ve gotten better Youtube comments.

  14. kelhawk1 says:

    @platinumbeatZ4U If this was complete bullshit then how could there be dozens of INDEPENDENT channeling sources that all give the same messages, only using different words?

  15. pamaspamas says:

    bashar if you don’t speak english or language, then how is it possible that the guy is saying everything in english then?

  16. platinumbeatZ4U says:

    this is complete bullshit

  17. LJV7342 says:

    I think Mr. Bashar is on the right track. Dr. Gopala in Dream a Lottery Win Today leads us down a similar path. Dr. Gopala believes we can use the predictive ability of the Source of Thought to manifest wealth and abundance. He recommends using dream symbols and Mantric charts to win the lottery.

  18. davidallany1 says:

    to Bashar. Could you please describe your digestive and endocrine systems. Thank you

  19. TReBoryitNE says:

    i channel an alien entity.,, he is a reptilian hybrid,, i dont waTCH MANY CHANNELERS so that it doesnt effect my sub connsies, or my sources info straem,, but he seems faairly leigit!!! watsh my vids that explain all the diffrent densitys,, in deapth,, theres 4th dneg n possitive,, n then theres 5th d neg n poss,,, we will be realeasing 6th 7th d neg n poss,,, very soon if u type in Treb Bor yit-NE or treb bor yit ne on the search bar,,, ull find it!!!

  20. joejoe1758 says:

    Replay 3:27 100 times and start laughing!! Extremely healthy!! XD

  21. torolof says:

    ANYONE and EVERYONE that LOVE LOVE LOVE BASHAR and wish to SHARE much more information knowledge or anything related to this GOOD VIBRATIONS
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD me to MY facebook ( TOR OLOF ) i would love to share with you all this kind of knowledge.

  22. navyseals91 says:

    OMG Its a dude putting on a weird accent pretending to be an alien convincing a bunch of stupid people who pay to hear him speak.

  23. leapingfury says:

    Whenever I play scratcher lottery tickets I buy like 10 of them and come out like 2 or 3 dollars ahead. I always barely win but I don’t trust myself to win a significant amount of money.

  24. Germanboy567 says:

    I know I just said in my other comment we are infinite.

  25. c0nfu53d says:

    @Germanboy567 Actually, if you’re going to use Bashar’s knowledge as the argument with age, Bashar would say that your soul is infinite age. An infinite universe of creation has no age.

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