Abraham-Hicks: Feel Good Now, It’s Important!

Abraham-Hicks: Feel Good Now, It’s Important!


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  1. Rosiedunn63 says:

    Wow abe AWESOME JOB>> this is one of my faviorites .. it so simple to understand and get . boy ty ty ty ty ty it helps so much.. can i get a copy of this for my ipod?

  2. kenedy1948 says:

    Delicious reminder that NOW is all there is – and all we need

  3. melissaaa87 says:


  4. tocreate112 says:

    Thank you!!

  5. YourDarkAccomplice says:

    @k252 – You’re too right!!

  6. YourDarkAccomplice says:

    @SUPRADUDE1631 – XD

  7. SUPRADUDE1631 says:

    Jesus is Lord!

  8. therubiks18 says:

    abraham hicks are the best! i love them so much

  9. wavepsychic says:

    @XOalakanaXO I have been trying. I an not longer feeling bad about it and I’m just trying to feel good about myself.

  10. XOalakanaXO says:

    @wavepsychic its in your vibrational escrow!! just get in the vortex 😀 be happy!!

  11. wavepsychic says:

    @XOalakanaXO yeah I found that since then. I am changing how I feel about it. It’s not easy because I’m used to feeling bad about it but it’s not so bad and I sometimes feel like it’s going to get better.

  12. XOalakanaXO says:

    yes, abraham has mentioned you get to choose how you look.

  13. wavepsychic says:

    but what if you want to change the way you look? I have hair loss problems. and no nothing conventional works.

  14. bhobhluchiku says:

    omg, i love u abe and i love LOA! i was just thinking about this video a few days ago, becuz i remembered a few parts of it, and i asked the universe to find it again for me, and here i am :) thank u universe, for fulfilling even my tiniest of desires…i feel so worthy, so loved, so cared for….thank u! and if i can do it with youtube videos, then why can’t i do it with anything else that i want too? i love me!

  15. ka3beelo says:

    I’ve had a hard time accepting ‘what-is’ until I realized that if this timespace reality has inspired the desire and therefore can grant that desire, and all that is required is to get oneself to vibrate at the frequency of the pure desire then the timespace reality of NOW must contain all the resources it would take to get one to vibrate in such a way.

    SO the fastest way to go anywhere is to embrace and extract all you can from the present moment.

  16. meow0meow7 says:

    Abraham: “The only comparison you could ever be making is how allignment they are with what they want and how in allignment you are with what you want.”
    Me: “OH MY GOD” *slaps desk*

  17. missmoniqueism says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for putting this clip up. It’s changing my life for the better forever.

  18. FredericaBimble says:

    @504pro – It is repeated for people just like YOU. What you’ve posted is from the well of bitterness and cynicism yet you could change your thoughts, well, “now” and change your attitude. You would then attract people who can help you to get to where you think you want to be and you would attract situations that would be in your favour. You would want to be away from cynical, bitter people with all your heart because they just don’t “get it.”

  19. 504pro says:

    ok, she is just repeating her self over and over….NOW!

  20. rubiksking12345 says:

    i like how they say “feel good now”, in conversations with god book 2 god says “true celebration is mindless.”they(abraham)also say “feel your way into the vortex).have you ever noticed how when your in the zone, feeling good, that you no longer think.i think its good to think good thoughts, but yet again, once you get in the vortex,you would know all these answers.i must be asking outside of the vortex

  21. Barbaragolden says:

    WOW many thanks just perfect for NOW

  22. MrSteviesax says:

    Feel Good Now!

  23. MrSteviesax says:

    I Can Feel Good Now!

  24. PeteyPoison says:

    I love this, I listen to it at least once every day. It helps the most I think to remind myself of that one quote: “Tomorrow never comes, have you noticed? Because when it gets here, it’s TODAY!” That puts it all in proper perspective for me, because when you’re so busy focusing on the future, you tend to forget what is possible for you to be doing NOW. Too many times, I haven’t lived in the present, so this is great advice.

  25. tanyaakh says:

    So true! At the end of the day… the thing that matters most in life is feeling good and feeling good NOW is the only pace where you can do it as it’s the only place that exists. The best part about is that we don’t have to have other people or circumstances to make us set the good tone because no one can govern our thoughts but ourselves. Anything that we feel is not because someone or something makes us feel that way — it’s because we ALLOW our thoughts or feelings to be the way they are.

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